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I forgot to post the other 3 pages I already finished for my manga "Flipped!". I always forget the most important stuffs that I have to do. I got so busy because of school, my brother chose me to be the candidate of the 2nd Year Representative in school. Yeah, too bad I didn't win. The other candidates of 2nd Year Representatives at school are much more smarter than me and more popular than me. But who careees? lol Nobody does~

And there was this Typhoon called "Falcon" in our country, so it flooded at our place. But it's gone now. And my brother was stranded in his classmate's house. So I used his computer 2 days straight. I haven't even showered yet. XD

Sorry bad English~

[X] You own an iPod/mp3 player.
[  ] You love Starbucks to death.
[  ] You have been called a brat.
[  ] You have tons of shoes.
[  ] You hate buying things that are on sale.
[X] You have a laptop.


[  ] Black is one of your favourite colours.
[  ] You wear chains.
[  ] You like heavy metal.
[  ] You've shopped at Hot Topic.
[  ] You have worn black lipstick.
[  ] You have/had/want/wanted piercings.
[  ] You own a pair of Tripp pants.
[  ] You have at least one unnaturally-coloured-haired friend.


[  ] You can skateboard. ( I WISH I CAAAAAAAN!! )
[  ] You like plaid.
[X] You have Converse.
[  ] You hate MTV.
[  ] You have/had/want/wanted blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair.
[  ] You love Mohawks
[X] You LOVE music.
[X] You hate people who pretend to be something they are not.


[  ] You are sad sometimes.
[X] You have dark coloured glasses.
[  ] You cry easily.
[  ] You like emo music.
[X] You've kept a journal/diary.
[  ] You have written a sad poem.
[  ] You have dyed your hair.
[  ] You're sad when you're drunk. [I've never been drunk]


[  ] You like rap.
[  ] You have said "Fo Sho, Fo Shizzle, Fo Sheezy, etc.
[  ] You have worn/wanted a grill.
[  ] You have had a freestyling contest.
[  ] You have worn your shoes with the tongue flipped out.
[  ] You know most of the lines from Boyz N Da Hood.
[  ] You own a huge gold chain with a giant gold pendant.


[X] You like loud music.
[X] You love/like the Ninja Turtles.
[  ] You have slip-on shoes.
[X] You like normal jeans.
[X] People have called you a freak and meant it lovingly.
[X] You love to "hardcore" dance.
[  ] Your hair has been dyed more than one colour.
[X] You wear jeans a lot.


[  ] You LOVE The OC.
[  ] You had/have/want a tiny/small sized dog.
[  ] Your usual outfits consist of pink.
[  ] You like buying shoes.
[  ] You have clothes from Hollister, AE, and/or Abercrombie.
[X] Getting your nails done is a fun thing.
[  ] You have/had big sunglasses.
[X] You can't go anywhere without your hair perfect.


[X] You watch/watched the Superbowl
[  ] You own track shoes or cleats other sports related shoes.
[  ] You collect jerseys.
[  ] You have/had a special shelf for trophies and awards.
[  ] Your garage/shed consists of sports equipment.
[  ] You belong/belonged to a team. [All of the Chicago teams except for the Cubs]
[  ] You have a specific number preferred for your jersey.


[X] You have mini-skirts.
[X] You have parted your hair to the side.
[X] You think polka-dots are way cute.
[  ] You have done a peace sign while you pose for a picture.
[  ] You've been called a scene before.
[X] You wear/wore long, colourful socks with your skirts.


[  ] Gone four wheeling.
[  ] Went hunting.
[  ] Owned a four/three-wheeler or dirt bike.
[  ] Like to go fishing.
[X] Eat beef jerky.
[  ] Ever said GIT-R-DONE.
[  ] Listened to the song Redneck Woman.
[  ] Know who Bocephus is.


[  ] You wear band shirts a lot.
[  ] If people down-talk metal, you down-talk their favourite music.
[  ] You like bands like As I Lay Dying, Lamb Of God, and All That Remains.
[  ] You HATE emos.
[  ] You like Black Sabbath.
[  ] You have gone to Ozzfest.
[  ] You have a headband.
[X] You don't like rap.
[X] You have a taste for classic rock, as well.


  • Watching: Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Playing: Poooortal 2
  • Eating: Le Sandwhich
  • Drinking: Water
i've been playing this game called Portal 2.. lots of portals.. lol xD a really awesome game, but GLaDOS is a bit creepy well for me. reaaaally creepy... o__O she's really a cold hearted robot, creeeeeeepy. o.o its really creepy how she talks.  i just cant stand her!

i gotta go take a bath, :>
  • Playing: Portal 2
  • Drinking: Coke
lazy daaay!! i've been doing nothing but sleep and play Dead Rising 2. c:

i baked rainbow cupcakes, who knew it was so easy? lol and it tastes like normal cupcakes. and i don't know what to do! IT'S SOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOT!! i can't take it anymore. Dx i wish there was an ice cream mountain. -sigh-
uwaaaaa~ it's almost school!! nooooo!! o___o well at least i have my allowance again. :> troll

i need to finish making the cover of my manga. goodbye!
  • Playing: Dead Rising 2
I can't draw for awhile... ; n ;
Because my brothers computer where I usually draw needs to be formatted, that means all of my art will be deleted. And my fan-made manga plan will be delayed. I'm using my dad's laptop for awhile. And I'm so hungry that I can eat all of the people who reads this, now it's almost dinner we're having fried radish.. that taste like fried chicken! ;D
  • Watching: World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
  • Eating: Egg sandwich
  • Drinking: Coke
why?? because of this: Summer means no allowance, no allowance means WTF i have no moneyyy. well at least theres no stupid assignments, projects and scary teachers! ((: but still!! no money?? how can i go to this anime conventions and stuffs without money!! the last day of school i was really happy like theres no tomorrow but when it was summer, i wanted school days again ._.

well, at least i have time to make the doujin that i have been planning to do 2 years ago! well theeen bye!
  • Eating: Cake again~
lol. c:
Didn't sleep last night! :DD
I was watching this movie called Tangled over and over~
Love that movie!! lolololol

.... now im off to watch Spongebob. C:
  • Eating: Cake again~
blah blah blah blah~

your wasting your time reading this!! DD:

lol sorry, i'm just booored because i have nothing to do..stupid vacation..
at least i dont have to do any homeworks!! xDD
i'm even too bored to draw..


ktnxbye! c:
  • Eating: Cake.. :D


i wish artblock doesn't exist =w=
because it sucks.. |:

off to watch stuffss..
like happy tree friends again.. c:

.. and finally NO MORE SCHOOL~~ !! :iconfinallyplz:
and its almost my birthday!!

  • Listening to: Let It Out- Miho Fukuhara
  • Watching: Happy Tree Friends .. fufufu
Drawing shakugan no shana.. and still not finish~ c:
and I've been watching Happy Tree Friends lately.. and the one who created it is a sick, twisted GENIUS!! XDD

get lost now!! C:
  • Listening to: Let It Out- Miho Fukuhara
  • Watching: Happy Tree Friends .. fufufu
Can't think of a nice title.. xD

Well, I'm off to my piano lessons.. and I need to start reviewing for exams.. T-T
I think that's it.. :DD
Can't think of anything else to type here.
  • Listening to: Allegro Cantabile (Piano Instrumental)
Things to do:

:bulletyellow: Draw Sephiroth
:bulletgreen: Draw Gumi Megpoid
:bulletblue: Draw Black Rock Shooter
:bulletpurple: Draw Chii of Chobits
:bulletred: Draw Roxas of KH2
:bulletorange: Draw Shana of Shakugan No Shana
:bulletyellow: Allen Walker of D.Grayman

  • Listening to: Ai Kotoba - Deco*27
  • Watching: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Eating: Ice Cream
Really unlucky.. My PSP was snatched from me when I was on my way home, I didn't felt that my PSP wasn't in my backpack.. and the worst part is most of my drawings is saved there.. and I don't have a copy!!! -_-" (I don't have a USB) And I worked hard to unlock all the modules in Project Diva 2ND. I wish I have another PSP!! WHY??!!?

Yeah, and exam is getting nearer! I gotta review, but before that.. gonna finish this drawing of Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Listening to: 1925 - Miku Hatsune.
  • Eating: Gummy Bears.
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew.